Friday 20 July 2012

At long last!

Well, finally I can write a blog post fully dressed. Here I am, plucked and shaved, and tucked and squeezed (yowch!) and powdered and painted. My lacquered nails are fairly flickering over the keys right now: a very pleasing sight.

It's been an enormous interval of time since the last time I got completely dressed; nine months or so. Since that time, I have started this blog, and it's become much more successful than I would ever have expected. So thanks to all you regulars (you know who you are) and all you lurkers (if indeed you are there; I certainly don't know who you are!), for keeping an eye on what goes on here.
As always when I have a chance to plan a full day's dressing, I try to plan a special treat for myself. This time, it's the Ahh-Bra. I managed to buy one (actually two) from my local store yesterday, with only a brief frisson of embarrassment.
Ahh: Bra
In case you don't know about this intriguing garment, it's basically made of elastic fabric which is carefully sculpted around the appropriate anatomy. It manages without metalwork, and promises an end to pinching and bulging. If you want to know more, you can tune in to the advertisements, which here play for approximately six hours repetitively overnight after the regular programming has all stopped. One night I found myself watching it, and thinking... hmmm.
The Ahh-Bra advertisment says that over 80% of women wear the wrong-fitting bra. How much more this must be true for me, who isn't even the right shape to wear a bra? It's quite hard to get hold of a good bra as a crossdresser. You can't simply walk in and get fitted for one. As a result, I have a collection of bras which are basically all the wrong size.

Of course, it helps to have the right size of boobs to go in, and here I can't recommend silicone highly enough. I previously had a pair of foam bazooms which were ridiculously too large. As a naive newbie crossdresser, I naturally assumed bigger was better when it comes to boobs. What changed my mind was my experience at the makeover salon which I described in my post Makeover Sparkle. The first pair of boobs I tried was too big, but the second pair was just right: they looked like they actually belonged to me. So later I bought a pair. They fit a C-cup, which is just right. Good silicone boobs are not cheap, but trust me, they are worth every last penny.

I use a single strip of broad strapping tape to create a bit of cleavage. Once the boobs are in, the effect is great.

And so, onto the Ahh-Bra. One of the criticisms I read in the reviews on the web is that it doesn't quite provide enough uplift, if your breasts are a bit on the large side. Once again, as a crossdresser, I didn't want the boobs actually plopping out. And it's true that just one Ahh-Bra doesn't quite hold firmly enough (it probably would if I used adhesive to stick them to my skin, but I think that's taking things a bit far). The advert itself suggests the solution: wear two, one on top of the other!

This worked perfectly. The Ahh-Bra feels lovely. The adverts are quite right: it doesn't pinch, it doesn't create unsightly underarm bulges, no sharp wires dig in, and it's the most comfortable bra I've ever worn. In addition, the actual appearance is remarkably natural and convincing. It really did make me say Aaahhh!

It's quite comfortable enough to sleep in, and it even feels quite nice with no boobs in it at all. It's close-fitting enough that it could be worn under (male) day clothes without provoking comment, if that happens to be your thing (not really mine).

Anyway, I promised myself that this blog wouldn't be about precisely this kind of thing. But I couldn't resist it, on this one occasion. More intellectual stuff is coming along in a minute!

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